I'm Dan; a life-long learner with a passion for photography.

My grandfather ignited my interest in photography when I was very young. At eight years of age, I was shooting snapshots with a Kodak 126 Instamatic while he was capturing images using one of his much cooler Minolta SLR cameras. I knew one day I'd have my own (D)SLR.

I've been the photographer for many family events and have always enjoyed documenting our travels through the lenses of a Nikon DSLR. I have a D-90 and a Z6ii.

I'm a retired public school educator who has embarked on a new journey where I can provide a high-quality service to local REALTORS® doing something I enjoy. Win-win.

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Fact 1

Born in Miami, I am what they call a Florida native. When traveling abroad, I do enjoy capturing street scenes, various types of architecture and really cool doors along with the most interesting people.


Fact 2

I also spent a lot of time (20 years) in Gainesville before moving to Volusia County. When taking photos of family and friends, I try to capture people in their element as opposed to shooting posed shots.


Fact 3

I've been in Volusia since 2000. There are lots of photo ops around here. One of my favorite subjects to capture is wildlife in their natural setting. I enjoy the satisfaction of capturing unique shots that I can share.


Fact 4

As a local real estate photographer, I will provide you with the highest quality of services designed to assist you in quickly selling the properties you have listed in MLS.

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